5th Grade

Rachelle Johnson
5th Grade Gifted & Talented Teacher

Voicemail: 303-982-4640
Email: Rachelle.Johnson@jeffco.k12.co.us
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Rachelle JohnsonAs you’ll soon uncover, I love teaching and learning! Most importantly, I love developing profound relationships with my students. Although this may seem cliche, it is the foundation of my teaching philosophy. From the premise of trust, respect and love, our learning community thrives. Learners take risks. Learners express feelings and needs freely. Learners support learners. Learners understand the power of failure in the teaching and learning process.

Clearly, trust, respect and love also underlie students’ emotional and physical safety. Thus, emotional and physical safety comprise the second aspect of my teaching philosophy. To bolster these critical elements, we will explore the power of compassion and equity across learning and social settings. Gator 3 - our PBIS System - will continue to shine in our community, too. However, it has been transformed. In addition to demonstrating Respectful, Responsible and Safe behaviors, our entire school community has added “+ Kindness.” By adding kindness, we elevate the importance of empathy.

Lastly, I am passionate about ensuring students’ interests drive their development of new understandings. By the end of this school year, students will complete three project based learning excursions! Not only does this platform support Jeffco’s Generations and the Gifted and Talented Department's transforming-the-task directive, buy it also personalizes learning and promotes self-actualization.

Jo Correll
5th Grade 
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