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Dear Parents & Families,

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year.  We are excited to have you all with us this school year.  We have many new families.  We hope you feel a part of this wonderful community easily and will become active participants in the many activities and opportunities available to our community.  Thanks to all of our returning families for your years of support and commitment to making Sheridan Green the strong and vital school we are known to be here in the Standley Lake Area.

Breakfast at Sheridan Green- The school cafeteria serves breakfast from 7:45 - 8:00 on days students are in attendance.  The cost is $2.00. The Smart Start Nutrition bill signed into law in 2007 allows all reduced eligible children to eat breakfast for free.

Gator Gazette- We continue to contract with a company to do our Gator Gazette.  This particular company works with schools as a fundraising effort.  We send our newsletter information to the company and they produce the newsletter for us.  Included in the newsletter will be advertisements for local area businesses with coupons for some.  As a result of the advertising and coupons, our school gets a little bit of money for each issue.  It’s an easy way for the school to have some more funds.  It will mean that the Gator Gazette is now a monthly publication.  We will continue to send out the weekly calendar update.  We hope to help keep you informed about what’s happening here at Sheridan Green

Traffic Pattern-  Our plan is to allow parents to use the bus loop as a “Hug and Go Drop Off Zone” in the morning before school.  Cars may NOT be parked in these areas, but parents will be allowed to pull in on the right hand side of the curb, stop briefly for students to exit the vehicle and be on their way to walk to the front door of the school.   Parents are then to merge to the left side of the road to exit the hug and go zone. After school both the parking lot and the bus loop will be closed to moving traffic.  We will block the entrances to these two areas from 2:30PM until 3:00PM each school day.  Daycare vans and the district school busses will have access to the bus loop at the end of the school day, but no other moving traffic should be in either the parking lot or the bus loop.  PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE IN THE WRONG WAY THROUGH THE EXIT AFTER WE HAVE CLOSED THE LOT.  Last spring we had a couple of near collisions as people entered the wrong way while others were attempting to leave.  We recognize this makes for some challenges for families.  We also believe those challenges are more safely planned for with families than having moving traffic within school property, creating the risk for students to be hit and seriously hurt by a moving vehicle.  We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support in providing a safe environment for our students.

Pets- We love our pets here at Sheridan Green, however for the safety of our students we ask that you not bring your pets to school with you to pick up students.  Even the most tame of animals can be unpredictable in a large crowd like we have both before and after school.  Also we have many students who are allergic to animals, but that will not prevent them from petting them.  Please help us by not bringing pets with you to pick up students.

Bikes & Scooters- We ask that parents and community members follow the same rules we have for students when it comes to bikes and scooters. Please WALK bikes and scooters on school property.  No one would intentionally collide with students, but during such busy times as before and after schools with 350+ students arriving or exiting the campus we ask that all wheeled modes of transportation be walked.  We thank you in advance for your support of this policy.

Parent & Student Interactions- We work really hard to help our students make the right choices here at school and we do our best to hold them accountable.  We know that students have conflicts and they share these concerns with parents.  Please communicate these concerns with school staff so we can help the students work through the conflicts.  We ask that parents talk to school personnel rather than confronting another student.  In the heat of a difficult moment we know that can be difficult, but we ask that all parents refrain from confronting another student over a conflict.  Report your concerns to the classroom teacher, a teacher on duty, the office staff or to me, the principal.  We will address those concerns with students and families.  Thanks for your help making our school an emotionally and physically safe environment.

Again welcome back!! We looking forward to a positive and enriching school year with our students


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