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To contact the main office directly, you may call Sheridan Green Elementary at (303) 982-3182. For the attendance line, please leave a voicemail at (303) 982-3173. Use the staff directory below to find the voicemail number or email address of other staff members.

SGE Staff Directory Page

Sheridan Green Elementary Staff List
Position Name Voicemail Email
Office Staff
Principal Valerie Braginetz 303.982.4676 [email protected]
Principal's Secretary Terri Hammer 303.982.3482 t[email protected]
School Secretary Cathy Morgan 303.982.3185 [email protected]
Health Aide Karen Price 303.982.3395 [email protected]
Instructional Coach Lori Smith 303.982.6463 [email protected]
Gen Ed Teachers
Therese Mayer 303.982.3203 [email protected]
Brenda Huynh 303.982.2145 [email protected]
1st Grade
Trish Davis 303.982.3162 [email protected]
1st Grade Kelly Worm 303.982.3158 [email protected]
2nd Grade Adam Winsor
[email protected]
3rd Grade Kim Kauffman 303.982.3092 [email protected]
4th Grade GT
Jamie Magee 303.982-9934 [email protected]
4th Grade Mary Fuller    [email protected] 
5th Grade Katie Pitock
[email protected]
Gifted & Talented Teachers and Staff
 1st/2nd Grade GT
Bryanna Carter   303-982-0292 
5th Grade GT
Adam Olson
[email protected]
 3rd GT Michelle Ford    [email protected] 
GT Resource Jenny Fredrickson 303.982.0315 [email protected]
GT Counselor Casey Gardner 303.982.1040 [email protected]
Digital Teacher Librarian
Tiffany Goff 303.982.2714
[email protected]
Tech Support Jeremy Lovato
[email protected]
Specials (AMP)
Art Sarah Halas 303.982.3570  [email protected]
Music Tanner Homa 303.982.7061  [email protected]
PE Lisa Cooper 303.982.6488  [email protected]
PE Kelsey Chamberlain
[email protected]
Orchestra Ben Williams 303.982.3342  [email protected]
Band Kevin Reynolds 303.982.9843  [email protected]
Learning Specialist Adina Abeyta 303.982.9672
[email protected]
Speech/Language Hope Stamback 303.982.3572 [email protected]
SPED  Carey Dowling  303.982.3552  [email protected]
SEL Victoria Shotwell  303.982.9830  [email protected] 
OT Sharon Disney
 [email protected]
Social Worker Ashley Collins 303.982.4684 [email protected]
Facility Mgr. Open  
Custodian Open

 Custodian Charlotte Valdez   [email protected] 
Manager Jackie Medina
[email protected]
Assistant Stacey Giles
[email protected]

Amie Baumer
[email protected]
SPED Para Vonda Chennoweth
[email protected]
KG Alyssa Atchison
[email protected]
LMC Shawna Hatch
[email protected]

Katie Mowery 
[email protected]
 KG Anne Rosauer   [email protected]

Mindy Pashall    [email protected]
Preschool Teacher Lisa Peterson  303.982.1787  [email protected]
Preschool Teacher Jeanna Ambrose
[email protected]
Early Childhood Inst Partner
Kaitlyn Robertson
[email protected]
Early Childhood Inst Partner Kira Pitts
[email protected]
School Age Enrichment Program (SAE)
SAE Director Kristina Cummings   [email protected] 


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